Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cute, Sweet Award

Deborah at Songs from my Journey has given me this sweet award. Thank you Deb. Deb has a very interesting, creative blog, with lots of beautiful songs she has written.
I am supposed to pass the award on. Many of my friends don't accept awards. I love and appreciate all of you who read my blog, and I am very thankful for you. Those who do read my blog and comment, please feel free to take the award from your sister in Christ.


Deborah said...

Hi Cathy, I'm so glad to see that you picked up your award!
It's so hard to just pick a few people when there are so many wonderful ladies to choose from, isn't it!
You probably already know this, but you are the first blogger I found when I started out, and I began meeting other ladies through you...and in case I haven't already, I want to thank you for all the blogging help you gave me back then! You have been such a blessing, and I thank the Lord for allowing us to meet. Have a great evening!

Cathy said...

Thank you, Deby. Yes, it is getting to be too hard to pick just some! I'm glad you met some wonderful ladies through my blog. You are welcome for the help. But believe me, you have surpassed me in blogging knowledge! You are a blessing to me also.

Patricia said...

Thank you! (((((Hugs))))) You certainly deserve this award, Cathy.

Cathy said...

You're welcome, (((((Hugs))))) back ~
and thank you ~

Saija said...

((Hugs)) to you too!

Cathy said...

Saija, ((((Hugs)))) back to you. I'm glad you like the little award.