Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Impressive Videos

Thought I would share these videos with you ~

This one I found on a Spiritual Sunday post at Southern Lagniappe: An Old Deserted Church. It reminded me of my Aunt and Uncle's lovely little church in the mountains. When I saw the Bible, I thought of how the Word of God endures forever.

This was in Kim Komando's Video of the Day ~ Hollie Steele ~ another great talent from Britain.

And this video I found at annies home ~ a Then Sings My Soul Saturday post. I thought the children singing were so sweet.


Smilingsal said...

Thanks, Cathy.

Vicki said...

Oh what a blessing you are!

Just got your comment - praying for you & sending an email your way....


Military Momz said...

Thanks for the great post Cathy! I have children on the brain today as I found out today I am going to be a Granny! WOO HOO!!!!! This will be my first grandchild!