Friday, February 26, 2010

Olive Trees

Olive Trees, Near Spili, Island of Crete, Greece, Mediterranean

I saw these articles about Olive Trees at my friend Peggy's blog. They were very interesting to me.

From Bible History online ~ Olive Tree

History and Importance of Olives and Olive Wood by Kristen Wilkerson

Close View of Olive Tree Branches

Olive Trees Vincent van Gogh

Images courtesy of All Posters


Peggy said...

Blessings Cathy...Love the pictures of the Olive trees!!! I'm so glad that you enjoyed those links. I especially like the two you have chosen. Kristen's was a little easier for me to read and understand. The dark background of the Bible History makes my eyes strain...but they have such great info. So what did you learn?

My favorite was the symbolism of the olive being abundance & joy!
Look at Van Gogh's painting... quite impressive! Thanks for sharing and passing on good info
always. So glad we're friends and both love music, too!

Sisters in Christ...sending a big hug your way, Peggy

Denise said...

Interesting post sweetie.

Sherry said...

Love the pictures of the olive trees. I hope I have a tree that is fruitful for Him! :D

LisaShaw said...

Enjoyed the photos of the Olive Trees. Love you dear one.

Samantha said...

Really interesting, I love olives and olive oil !!
Thanks for sharing, blessings to you my friend.