Monday, September 6, 2010

Resurrection Sunday Dance, Budapest, Hungary

I just received this video in an email. It is wonderful to see all those young people, and even older ones, dancing for Jesus. My friend, Peggy, found this website. It tells how they are planning to dance again in 2011, and also has information about the author of the song. They even have a dance training video.


Karen said...

Amen...that was awesome!

Barbara said...

Amen, amazing, how God's grace is big enough to go all around the world, hugs my friend

SmilingSally said...

Hi Cathy,

It gives me great pleasure to know that all seven of my grandchildren love the Lord.

Happy Labor Day.

Anonymous said...

An awesome video ~ thanks for sharing tonight Cathy.

Cherdecor said...

Since you are familiar with our son, Ben, you would be interested to know that he was leading a missions trip to Hungary when he got to know his wife, Ainsley. Her family attended the church where Ben was an intern at that time.

This is an interesting way for the christian artists to make a mark in the world.

Denise said...

Amazingly awesome.

Anonymous said...

That was wonderful to watch!

Blessings on your day!

Peggy said...

Ohhh Cathy... this is so AWESOME and I'm so glad that you shared this for more to see!

I love how this had all ages dancing! I'ms igning up for the next one (lol) I don't have 200 dancers... so I'm suppose to team up with others. Ok..

Can't wait to see the next one! I'm learning the dance steps... not at all like I would dance before our Lord but I probably don't usually dance to a Hungarian song either!

UO to FAITH...up, up and away, more faith, more praise, more music!
Keep dancing & sharing Jesus!!

Thanks Cathy!

I came & listened to Paul Wilbur but I'll be back to comment on his later!!! He's so young in that one!