Monday, October 4, 2010

Evening Time and Light

Zechariah 14:7
At evening time it shall be light.

Oftentimes we look forward with forebodings to the time of old age, forgetful that at eventide it shall be light. To many saints, old age is the choicest season in their lives. A balmier air fans the mariner's cheek as he nears the shore of immortality, fewer waves ruffle his sea, quiet reigns, deep, still and solemn. From the altar of age the flashes of the fire of youth are gone, but the more real flame of earnest feeling remains. The pilgrims have reached the land Beulah, that happy country, whose days are as the days of heaven upon earth. Angels visit it, celestial gales blow over it, flowers of paradise grow in it, and the air is filled with seraphic music. Some dwell here for years, and others come to it but a few hours before their departure, but it is an Eden on earth. We may well long for the time when we shall recline in its shady groves and be satisfied with hope until the time of fruition comes. The setting sun seems larger than when aloft in the sky, and a splendour of glory tinges all the clouds which surround his going down. Pain breaks not the calm of the sweet twilight of age, for strength made perfect in weakness bears up with patience under it all. Ripe fruits of choice experience are gathered as the rare repast of life's evening, and the soul prepares itself for rest. The Lord's people shall also enjoy light in the hour of death. Unbelief laments; the shadows fall, the night is coming, existence is ending. Ah no, crieth faith, the night is far spent, the true day is at hand. Light is come, the light of immortality, the light of a Father's countenance. Gather up thy feet in the bed, see the waiting bands of spirits! Angels waft thee away. Farewell, beloved one, thou art gone, thou wavest thine hand. Ah, now it is light. The pearly gates are open, the golden streets shine in the jasper light. We cover our eyes, but thou beholdest the unseen; adieu, brother, thou hast light at even-tide, such as we have not yet.

Devotional by Charles Spurgeon


Maxine said...

Oh, how beautifully written. I just had a young friend cross over. She was only 43 years old, but I think I'll apply this all to her as well.

Anonymous said...

My! Mr. Spurgeon truly heard from the Holy Spirit to write as he did. Thank you for sharing this amazing devotional, Cathy. With my mother at 96 and me at 62, looking ahead a moment such as described when we believe is beautiful. Beulahland calls us home ... one day!
loving you, ~ linda

ps ... now I shall be humming "Beulahland" for the rest of the evening!

Denise said...

Blessings to you sis, and much love.

Adrienne said...

What a wonderful devotion! Great thoughts for me to share with the dear older folks where I serve as chaplain. So encouraging!

Michelle said...

Beautiful devotional.
I could just imagine it as I read.

Beautiful pear tree lane said...

Oh! Cathy, what an encouraging post! I am so thankful for this blessed hope that has been given to me by my Lord.Mr Spurgeon was certainly led by the Spirit to spur us on. Thanks for sharing.

Melanie said...

A beautiful devotion!