Saturday, October 15, 2011

Libera - All Things Bright and Beautiful

I just found a song I wanted to share, and the embedding has been disabled. So I will just post the link here.

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Denise said...

Beautiful my friend, love you.

Michelle said...

Wow! This is beautiful.
I pray you have a blessed Saturday.

Hazel said...

I went to the link and fell in love with the dog and the baby. Beautiful!

Hazel said...

Sorry I'm not I linked up correctly. Back to put in the correct link. Thanks.

Lisa notes... said...

I love the small child and huge dog in the video. :-) Our God is SO creative. Such a beautiful song with beautiful young voices.

Nana Jul said...

All things bright and beautiful..the LORD God made them all!! I liked the part - He gave us eyes to see, and lips to tell! O Lord, let us see them all!
Those boys sing beautifully!
Happy Saturday.

Grace.B said...

Hello Cathy

THANK YOU so much for thoses angels voices. Keep on listening to it over and over.

Hope you have a blessing weekend with GOD who love and cherish each day.


Pamela said...

So sweet with their boy voices. God made them all, too!

Karen said...

Wonderful lyrics and video, Cathy. Thank you. Have a great Sunday.

Charlotte said...

The video is beautiful, Cathy. Love it.