Friday, November 18, 2011

Phil Wickham - At Your Name (Yahweh Yahweh)

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Michele said...

Hi Cathy,

Thanks for sharing this awesome video/song.

Wonderful praise song. I love to see talented singers using their gift to praise the Lord. Amen!

Have a very wonderful, blessed weekend.
God bless you friend, Hugs

Karen said...

Bless you, Cathy, Thank you for introducing me to this artist and song. Beautiful video! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Nancy said...

I love that song!! We sing it in my church often....

Denise said...

Really lovely.

jAne said...

ohhh thank you.

From the Heart said...

You are invited to a Birthday Party at my blog, From the Heart., for our special friend, Denise (shortybear) on Sunday, November 20th hosted by AliceE and Peggy at Amazing Grace. There is a place to click on to go to Denise's blog and wish her a Happy Birthday. If you would leave a comment on my blog letting me know you are participating, I would appreciate it. I know this will please Denise and hopefully lift her spirits.

Sara G said...

Have a blessed week!! Thanks for sharing with us! A great new song to me.

Charlotte said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful praise song, Cathy. Have a wonderful day of praise and thanksgiving.

Peggy (mazmagi) said...

Ohhh blessings Cathy... thank you for sharing this beautiful song and video!

Phil is singing at Lakewood this weekend (as I wrote but maybe you missed it)!

Shouting His Name and giving thanks for Denise! Hope you will join us or maybe you have on FB and her blog!!!

Let us give YWH endless praise!

Love and BIG HUG,

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation said...

Thank you for the lovely praise and worship music. A lovely treat for a Spiritual Sunday.

Nana Jul said...

Hi Cathy,
I just love this was a great one for the weekend! I never heard it before..but guess what, on the way home from church it came on the radio..I was singing and shouting all the way home!!
Thank you..and Happy Thanksgiving!

Pamela said...

Another new song to me. I'm praising here with you.

Pain to Purpose said...

Phil Wickham led worship at the Joyce Meyer conference my mom and I went to last month in Long Beach. I remember when he sang this particular song, so beautiful!