Friday, February 10, 2012

Sound of your voice By Third Day

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Denise said...

Really nice.

Debbie said...

What a beautiful video! I love Third Day and I love this song. I saved it to my favorites on YouTube.

Have a beautiful Saturday!


Karen said...

I do love Third Day. I have heard them in person and they really minister the Word of God. Have a blessed weekend and Valentine's Day!

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Great song. Thank you for sharing Cathy. I love Third Day also!

Madonna said...

I love Third Day and this was a new one for me. Thanks for sharing. I needed to hear God's voice today.

Pia said...

this is such a beautiful song. love the lyrics and the melody. thanks for sharing!

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation said...

Thanks for sharing this - I do love Third Day. :) Would you believe I even have one of their T-shirts. AND have gotten several fun comments about it - lots of Third Day fans out there in ALL ages. :) Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Peggy said...

Blessings Cathy,

Thanks so much for all your sweet messages and prayers but adding this great "Sound of Your Voice" by Third Day topped the sad tragic news from Sat. of Whitney's death. Another beautiful voice wasted!

But I love this this video and can only imagine the sound of His voice... and I love to hear His voice and the singing of angels! So thankful that God waits for us and hopefully our loved ones! I added this to my YT favorites because I have a YT playlist of Third Day but can't find it, but I know I have the "MOVE" CD with that song! St's their most recent, right? (2010)

So many to visit and time is passing quickly at the cyber! I will catch up some day! But could not miss SONday or weekend specials like you! Sending hugs, prayers and thanks for caring so much
for others. Miss you too! Love,

Charlotte said...

This is such a beautiful song and video. Thank you for sharing it.