Friday, November 8, 2013

The Cross - Billy Graham's Message to America

I am posting the link to Billy Graham's message on You-Tube.

Billy Graham's Message to America

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Saija said...

this was such a blessing to watch ... and I loved the song at the end too ...

Peggy said...

Praise God for the "Cross" and for giving us Billy Graham with his Hope for America! Very inspirational and encouraging from a man whose lived a life dedicated to salvation for others and hope!

Thanks Cathy for sharing this, although it's a half hour, it's the BEST half hour many of us will have of such caliber and Hope!

Many blessings and praising God for some answers to prayers ... while I'm still trying to get well but I'm better I think... love and peace, Peggy

Thanks for the link you sent me ... I got mail too!

Cherdecor said...

Billy's message and program was a blessing. His was a life fully dedicated to God.

Happy Sunday!

Nancy Reinke said...

Came here via Spiritual Sundays. Thank you, Cathy, for posting the link to Billy Graham's message. I pray many unbelievers will be reached and come to Christ through this video. God bless you, Nancy

Connie Arnold said...

Billy Graham has touched so many lives and made a huge difference in this world, God bless him! Thank you for sharing, Cathy!