Thursday, August 30, 2007


Among my blessings I have recently received, are the many sweet friends I have met through this blog, which I began the middle of July. I have loved visiting and commenting on blogs for a long time. At times, I have had a very long list in my favorites, 2+ pages at least. Also, I have recently been blessed to win a book and a CD.

Maxine, at Nanna's Reflections, posted a riddle that she made up. It was lots of fun trying to figure it out. I was finally brave enough to guess first, and won! You can scroll down very slowly, as to not see my answer, and see if you can guess it. Maxine's blog is very interesting, as she beautifully writes about family, devotionals, hymns and poems, and a variety of other topics. She is a very busy, smart, homeschooling mother, and has three other places for us to visit.

Then I won Josh Groban's new CD at Barb's A Chelsea Morning. She gave away four CDs, and I was one of the four winners, out of 163 entered! Barb shares her life on her blog. She has a very cute sense of humor, and everyone loves stories about her grandson, dog, family and weddings. Her blog is also inspirational with homekeeping ideas.

Also, some sweet friends have honored me by making unique names from a name meme. I already told you about Candy's precious "special name", which is on my sidebar. Also, Mimi and Patricia made lovely names for me, also on the sidebar.

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Mimi said...

you may receive blessings... but you are also a blessing to many others through your sweet and beautiful and very meaningful blog

sparrow's song said...

Friends are such a blessing. It's not always easy to find the really pleasant and uplifting place online. They seem to be far and few between. But God does plant that type of oasis within the internet desert.

Please feel free to come visit my blog sometime.

Cathy said...

Sparrow's Song, Thank you. I thank God for the Christians on the internet, beautiful places, and that we can minister to others for Him. :-)