Sunday, September 14, 2008

An unlikely musical genius

Jazz Duet, Piano by Brent Lynch
Jazz Duet, Piano

As a musician, I thoroughly enjoyed these videos about a young man who is an autistic musical genius. I watched them all in a row and thought they were fascinating. I know my music lover friends will enjoy them, and you can also learn a lot about autism.

Go here to Kim Komando's newsletter to view the videos.

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Adrienne said...


Amy Wyatt said...

Congratulations! You won one of the CD's on my TSMS music giveaway. If you will email me your mailing address, I will get it out to you right away.

That Good Part said...

All I can say is....WOW!!!

Amydeanne said...

going to have to go check them out!
God Bless!

Maxine said...

This is just amazing,Cathy, but I'm not surprised, really. Haven't had a chance to listen to the whole thing yet--hope I can later. You have such interesting stuff! Go to my younger daughter's when you get a chance. She has a really cute birdie on there.

Deborah said...

Years ago, I remember seeing a documentary about a blind man, who was also a savant. The human brain is an amazing thing!