Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Tag From Sally

My friend, Sally at Smiling Sally has tagged me for a book meme. Sally loves books and is a book reviewer. Her blog is very cute with cartoons, a "Blue Monday" that she started, a "Pink Saturday," and other neat posts. The rules for the meme are:

1. Link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog.

2. Share seven random and/or weird book facts about yourself.

3. Tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.

4. Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

My Seven Random Facts are:

1. I will always remember my mother taking me downtown, when I was very young, to a little old library. I believe it used to be a church.

2. I am good at starting books and not finishing them.

3. But when I am reading a very interesting book, I cannot put it down and have to finish it.

4. I have the Scribner Radio Music Library, volumes of music, and I enjoy playing many of the songs.

5. When my grandson was young, I loved to read to him and buy books for him. Now he loves to read and is very smart.

6. In High School I remember pushing a bookmobile around to patients in the hospital, so they could check out books. I believe this was a part of the Red Cross.

7. One year while working at my church, I read the Bible through and received a certificate from the Pastor.

I am tagging:

Barbara at Tidbits and Treasures

Mimi at Listen to Grammie

Deborah at Songs From My Journey

Patricia at Pollywog Creek

Kelli at There is no place like home

Saija at Thro' A Glass Darkly

Maxine at Nanna's Reflections

Sally also offered the awards below to her friends. I would love for my friends to also have them, so please do take them to share. Thank you, Sally.


Abounding Treasures said...

Fascinating to read these things that you remember from childhood :o)


Maxine said...

Well, looks like fun. Thanks for the tag. However, I don't know when I can get to that one! I need to go visit some of my friends next chance I get! Blessings!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I enjoyed reading your meme and learning a little more about you!


Saija said...

you are always so sweet to include me ... though lately i've been vacationing away from blogland!

loved the read your meme's ... :o) ... made me smile ...

i'll list ya 7 random facts 'bout me ...
1. love to people watch at airports
2. have had long hair most of my 54 years.
3. i never eat anything that falls to the ground/floor!
4. love crime shows
5. don't like driving in snow
6. i smile most of the time, tho' i may not feel like it inside
7. love taking pics ...

random facts they are!!! ((hugs)) to you!

Mimi said...

Hi Cathy,
it was very interesting hearing the
seven things about you...
here are mine:
1. when my girls were little we lived in Myrtle Beach SC...we went to the library almost every day, came home and read the books almost within a day...and sometimes went more than once a day...

2. both my girls and all my grand kids love to read...wonder why?

3. sometimes I have two or three books going at one time...(not good because I get the stories mixed up)

4. I cannot pass up a used book sale...I now have more books in my home that I could possibly read in a lifetime...

5. My husband has as many music books as I do reading books.

6. we have enough bibles to start a small church of our own.

7. I cannot read in bed any more, because I barely get through 3 pages and I am asleep...many times my husband has to take off my glasses and lay my book on the table (after I've fallen asleep)

I hope that works for you...

Cathy said...

Thanks, everyone, and Saija and Mimi for your interesting lists.