Friday, February 27, 2009

Signs of Spring

Monday afternoon, after taking my little old cat to the vet, I was outside watching her to make sure she did not get sick from her shots. She went over to my next door neighbor's yard and found a sunny spot. She is really a pretty little gray cat with green eyes.

I looked around and found some signs of spring.

Candytuff, I believe

Some pretty pink flowers that grow so big in her yard.

Jonquils or Daffodils blooming!

Tuliip and Crocus

Big Black Bird, really loud

One late afternoon, the sky looked so pretty outside my kitchen window. I am surprised the pictures took well through my old screen.

A few minutes later I looked out and the pretty red had turned to blue. The picture did not turn out very well, but the sky was beautiful. I love God's masterpieces!

And this is my wild stray cat at home after he was fixed. He is getting more tame.

Thanks for looking at my pictures.

PS - Oh no, I think I just heard about some snow for Sunday.


Smilingsal said...

I hope that both of your cats fully recover so that you can enjoy their affection. I love tulips, although I've never grown any. I did buy some pink ones at Walmart just this week.

Military Momz said...

What great pictures. I love tulips. I so totally agree with looking at God's masterpieces. I love spring!!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Cherdecor said...

I love tulips also, however the voles ate about 50 of my bulbs last winter so I was a little afraid to plant more. My flower beds will not be so colorful this spring.

Hope the kitties are doing well.

Barbara said...

Pretty pictures, Cathy. And, we are supposed to get 2 inches of snow overnight tonight, too! We've gone all winter with no snow. I remember March of 1993! We had plenty of snow, power outage and staying at home for 6 days. Hope we don't get that this time. You never know here what is going to happen.

lady jane said...

Beautiful music - I'd never heard of this artist before now. :o)

Your kitties are so sweet. I love how they search for sunshine and stretch out in complete comfort.