Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wintery Scenes

All during the month of January, I thought my camera was broken. I did take it outside during Christmas one night when it was drizzling a little. Well, I took it to Wal-Mart, and the batteries were in backwards! I cannot believe that, and I used to work there in electronics. Guess my eyes are not what they used to be. Anyway, I am glad it is fixed.

Just recently, I had my giant maple trees cut back. I did not want limbs falling on my house. And the mess from the summer storm was still not cleaned up. Here are some pictures of the trees now. They look much bigger in my front yard than in the pictures.

This picture really reminded me of a recent post by my friend Maxine, Lifting Arms to God.

Late Tuesday afternoon, I called my grandson to tell him the sky looked like snow. It was already snowing at his house. A little later, I took these pictures from my front porch door. Big snowflakes were coming down.

Yesterday morning, when I looked outside, I knew it was really cold with all those icicles hanging from the bare limbs!

The trimmed tree in the backyard looks prettier than the front trees. The old screen on the window over my kitchen sink is not so pretty.

Finally, I thought I would show the cats I am trying to help. They keep me busy trying to keep them in from the cold and letting them out.

This is the little stray cat, Honey, I have befriended.

Taking over and spoiled ~

This little old boney kitty has taken up with me. She lived down the street as an outdoor cat. My neighbor told me her owner said his daughter did not really care for her much anymore. She likes my warm house and lap, thinks I'm her mother I believe. She is really gray, and has pretty green eyes.

Thanks for looking at my pictures. I surely will be glad when Spring is here.


Adrienne said...

Hi, Cathy -
I think we've all had batteries in something backwards. It reminded me of a young pastor we had when our kids were little. One Sunday he shared with a few of us that he was very worried about his eyesight. He asked that we pray for him because for the last few days he couldn't see anything in focus. He had an eye exam scheduled for the next morning and he was pretty nervous. He called us later the next day to say that his eye doctor found that he had mixed up his contact lenses and had been wearing them in the wrong eyes for several days - causing him to be out of focus. A few weeks later he used that for a sermon illustration! You should be able to illustrate some truth with the story of your camera batteries!

Smilingsal said...

Oh that tree was hacked wasn't it? I'd actually be fined if I allowed someone to do that to a tree on my property. We are encouraged to prune, but not to this extent.

Maxine said...

That's so funny about your batteries, Cathy! I guess we've all done things like that at some time or another. Glad you got it straightened out because I sure did enjoy those pictures! I took some of our trees on Tuesday. They were gorgeous with the snow clinging to all the branches. I may post them soon. And I enjoyed seeing the sweet little kitty!

Please come over to see the video I posted about our government. And if you haven't called your senators about the stimulus package, I also have a link to a place where you can get the phone #'s.

Cherdecor said...

Hi Cathy, I have made that mistake before, but fortunately, I had just installed new batteries and I new that it must be my problem so I looked again. It is hard to see just how they should be inserted sometimes.

I love your kitties. Ha! Ha! They do make themselves at home, don't they? The one on the couch looks like he loves being there in your warm home. The other kitties has a very good coat of fur. It looks long. Kitties do bring a lot of love and joy when they come inside. My kitty would love to come inside but our son is allergic to cats.

Your yellow cat has the same markings on his tail as mine does. I sometimes call him ringtail. That must be the marking of the specie.

Enjoy your kitties.

Cathy said...

Sally, believe me, they were not "hacked." The tree company charged a lot to cut them back. I know I should have had them pruned all along, but I could not afford to. Plenty of other people on my street have done the same thing. They assured me that they WILL grow back.

James said...

I've done that too...oh how embarrassed I was! My sweet husband bought me a brand new Canon Rebel Xsi- you know, big time digital- for our sixth anniversary. I was so enjoying playing with it the first two weeks. It has rechargable batteries, so dutifully, took them out, put them in the charger, and when they were done, put them back in the camera. The thing wouldn't work! I was so sure I had broken it somehow, took it to the camera store, and oh how that clerk looked at me when he popped open the door for the batteries! My husband and I laugh at it now, but at the time I felt so doofy!

Joy said...

Whoops! I just realized I was signed into my husband's account. That last comment was mine! Silly me. Now I've really got my wires crossed. :D

Saija said...

i love love love your pics! ... both wintery scenes and warm kitty ones too ...

your new blog makeover is just beautiful too! wow! an encouraging header for sure!

blessings on you!

lady jane said...

The kitty is now **inside**?! Oh my. hehe. I love it. I really love it. Thanks for showing pictures of the little cuddler. :o)

As to the battery thing......

oh. I've never done that. Nope. Never. Nosireebobsusanjack. hehe.

So, the damaged tree. Is it going to be felled or will you let it go and see what happens (sprout?).