Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Birdbath and Chipmunks

Today I was going to show you some flowers and a little video of chipmunks playing at my neighbor's birdbath. But I can't get the video to upload. They were running back and forth in front of the the birdbath and eating birdseed.
My little cat, Jewels was watching with me. One little chipmunk walked right up to us, and I had to try to stop Jewels from chasing and catching her! It ran back into a gutter drain, and Jewels was really looking for it.

Here is a little picture of a chipmunk on my front porch last year.

Lilies from my next door neighbor's yard ~

Thanks for looking at my pictures.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy ~

The flowers are gorgeous! And the little chipmunk is adorable on your front porch! Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures!

Have a blessed day,

Mimi said...

Beautiful flowers...

Samantha said...

Such beautiful pictures !

Barbara said...

Great pictures, Cathy. Those lilies are gorgeous. My daughter has a large one a little darker than that dark one in her flower garden by her front door. Gorgeous lilies!