Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pictures to Share

I thought I would share some pictures I recently took. Keep in mind that I have not worked in my little garden much, so there are many weeds. Since it is cooler, I do need to get out there more.

Flag outside my front porch ~

I could not resist this pretty cross on sale at Belks. It says "Believe" at the bottom.

This vine has grown over my clemetis vine this year. I wondered why the clemetis was going crazy. It is a plant I got from a friend a year or so ago that has just taken over my clemetis. I can see just one little plant at the corner of the house. It has a sweet scent. Please overlook my old mailbox.

Does anyone know what this plant is? I think it might be a Lenton rose that I moved from the side of the house years ago. Here is a link, but I have not seen it bloom. I believe it blooms in the winter.

The leaf looks like a type of fern.

This ageratum, I believe it is, just came up naturally this year in a few places on the other front side of the house. I planted some on the side, around the corner, years ago.

Then of course I had to take some pictures of the beautiful moon.

Thanks for looking at my pictures.


Barbara said...

Great photos, Cathy. I wish I had a few flowers outside in the yard. I only planted a few in my containers on the retaining wall. Bill fell all over one Saturday and almost destroyed it. :) I told him I only planted them this year because the boys weren't here to play basketball and kill them. :)

Karen said...

What a lovely garden, Cathy!

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing, everything is lovely. I really like the cross sweetie.

Peggy said...

Blessings Cathy...Love your photos of your garden and the moon! Must have a good camera with closeup! As you gaze on that beautiful moon tonight, just STAND IN AWE OF THE CREATOR OF ALL, TOO MARVELOUS and BEYOND DESCRIPTION!

Let us continue to stand before Him as we rejoice together in each part of His miracle for Andrew and others in need of what only God provides: the Master touch! The kind that made the moon & the stars, even ones like you, Abby, Andrew, Rachel, Kate...and the list keeps growing but nothing is too difficult for our Awesome God!

Many sweet blessings warm your heart with thanks once more for your visits. (((hugs)))

SmilingSally said...

You do more with your outside than I do, so don't apologize.

Adrienne said...

Gorgeous flowers - and I love the flag and the cross. Oh, I'd love to drop by and sit to chat in your garden! Love the photos of the moon. I was just outside with Mr. Joey - who woke me at 4 a.m.! to go outside. The moon was a sliver, shining brightly above. I almost ran back in for my camera. (Now Mr. Joey is asleep beside me - and I am wide awake!) ~Adrienne~

Laurie said...

I love your pics. They really do tell a thousand words. Blessings, Laurie

Cherdecor said...

Oh, it maybe Silver Lace! I wanted one so badly so I bought one and my friend bought one at the same time. Mine died in the hot sun and hers grew to the sky while climbing a tree and killed her tree. Here I was the one who wanted one. Ha! Ha!

You have so many pretty flowers!
I love the vinca, the sedum and those daisy flowers. They are so expensive but our rabbits LOVE them. I forget the name of them at the moment, but they are lovely.

Hey, do not apologize for the mailbox. I like it. It has character!

I love the cross! I don't think I have every seen one quite like that one, but it looks so pretty among the flowers in your garden.

You are quite the gardener, Miss Cathy! It all looks very nice in deed!

Maxine said...

I always love your flower pictures, Cathy. They're lovely! And thanks for sharing the moon ones too! The heavens declare the glory of God!


Dear Cathy, I loved the pictures and I could if I closed my eyes, smell the wonderful flowers. Thanks so much. I loved the moon.It made me happy. connie

Abounding Treasures said...

These photos are great Cathy!

It's amazing that you were actually able to *capture* the moon so well on camera :o)

Blessings to you ...