Monday, October 5, 2009

Spiritual Sundays

Today I'd like to tell you about Spiritual Sundays, hosted by Charlotte and Ginger. You can read about them here. I read some of them on Sunday and was very blessed and especially impressed with a few. I have not finished reading them all, but they are excellent posts. Here are three that I want to share with you. I loved the stories about miracles.

Spiritual Sunday - Oasis In A Field

Spiritual Sundays at The Magoos News

Spiritual Sunday ~ "Isaiah Says Woe" ~


Denise said...


RCUBEs said...

Thank you for always encouraging me. I just want to thank you for praying for my son. I haven't come by on this site as I truly enjoy your other site. Your compositions are all wonderful! God bless you.

Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers, andrea

Charlotte said...

Thank you for promoting Spiritual Sundays, Cathy. Ginger and I are so happy that so many bloggers are taking the opportunity to share with us there. Thanks for notifying me on Facebook.

Marsha said...

Thanks for sharing those 3 sites. I didn't get by them yet either. It usually takes me all week to get around to read everyone.