Monday, November 16, 2009

Partakers of the divine nature

2 Peter 1:4
Partakers of the divine nature.

To be a partaker of the divine nature is not, of course, to become God. That cannot be. The essence of Deity is not to be participated in by the creature. Between the creature and the Creator there must ever be a gulf fixed in respect of essence; but as the first man Adam was made in the image of God, so we, by the renewal of the Holy Spirit, are in a yet diviner sense made in the image of the Most High, and are partakers of the divine nature. We are, by grace, made like God. "God is love"; we become love-"He that loveth is born of God." God is truth; we become true, and we love that which is true: God is good, and He makes us good by His grace, so that we become the pure in heart who shall see God. Moreover, we become partakers of the divine nature in even a higher sense than this-in fact, in as lofty a sense as can be conceived, short of our being absolutely divine. Do we not become members of the body of the divine person of Christ? Yes, the same blood which flows in the head flows in the hand: and the same life which quickens Christ quickens His people, for "Ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God." Nay, as if this were not enough, we are married unto Christ. He hath betrothed us unto Himself in righteousness and in faithfulness, and he who is joined unto the Lord is one spirit. Oh! marvellous mystery! we look into it, but who shall understand it? One with Jesus-so one with Him that the branch is not more one with the vine than we are a part of the Lord, our Saviour, and our Redeemer! While we rejoice in this, let us remember that those who are made partakers of the divine nature will manifest their high and holy relationship in their intercourse with others, and make it evident by their daily walk and conversation that they have escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. O for more divine holiness of life!

Devotional by Charles Spurgeon


hip chick said...

He is my all time favorite. I read his devotionals almost every morning and they never fail to inspire me.

daylily777 said...

Great post! We ought always to remember that we have the same power available to us every day that raised Jesus from the dead . We reckon ourselves as dead to our old selves & are risen with Christ as we rely on him to live his life through us. " It is no longer I , but Christ who livest in Me'
Have a Blessed Week,

Andrea said...

Great post!
Blessings and prayers, andrea

Denise said...

Such a wonderful post, love you.

Karen said...

Beautiful devotion....

Jackie said...

I've noticed that you and I visit many of the same wonderful sites so I thought I'd stop by and meet you!

Such a wonderful post.......The fact that the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives within us and quickens us is so absolutely amazing isn't it! Glory to God!

So glad I stopped by.....your post really encouraged my heart!

Sweet Blessings!

kymber said...

I LOVE Spurgeon! Thanks so much for sharing this!

jAne said...

Please know that while I don't always post, I do read and am blessed by what you share, from lovely and worshipful music selections to your Spurgeon devotionals. Thank you. :o)

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