Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowed In

We had 8 inches of snow here in NC this weekend. It was 12 degrees last night, so it is very cold. I have not even been outside in it. I did take some pictures from inside.

This one is the view across the street from me.

This is to my left down the street.

And this picture is to my right looking up the street. I live near the bottom of a hill.

I happened to notice some wonderful signs of spring in all this snow.

Blooms on my dogwood tree.

This is taken from my front window. You can see how deep the snow is by my little fencing in front of my flower garden. The sun was shining today, and the shadows were so pretty. I can tell that the snow melted a couple of inches by looking at the fencing later in the day.

And I saw another sign of spring inside today. This little shamrock was blooming beside my cold kitchen window.

Thanks for visiting and looking at my pictures.


Denise said...

Wonderful pictures, stay warm sweet friend.

Joan said...

Hi Cathy:

Beautiful pictures. I saw the one you posted on Facebook and came over here to visit.

Have a blessed week. "See" you on WFW (if not before.


Deborah said...

Beautiful pictures, Cathy.... makes me feel right at home!

SmilingSally said...

Thank the Lord for that brilliant blue sky! It's a chilly rain here. Stay warm, Cathy.

RCUBEs said...

Stay safe and warm sister! God bless you.

Cherdecor said...

Thanks for showing us around in your neighborhood. You really did get a lot of snow. The pictures are gorgeous! Stay warm!

Adrienne said...

Brrrr! Keep warm and safe, my friend. Loved seeing the views from your home. ~Adrienne~

Peggy said...

Blessings Cathy...I take it that this is rare there: temps and snow. You stay in and stay safe & warm.
Shouldn't try that hill anyways with snow!

Loved all the views in your beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing your view with us and signs of spring?!!!

daylily777 said...

We have about the same amount here, Your pics are beautiful !

Aliene said...

Snow indeed! Looks like a winter wonderland. I saw signs of spring also. The red bud trees are budding. Loved your pictures.

Nancy said...

You poor souls you are not used to that kind of weather, were getting snow here again today but thats our normal for winter. Stay warm

Saleslady371 said...

I love snow so I'm enjoying your pictures, Cathy! This must be that horrendous storm we in the west experienced. We even had some snow in the desert!


Lori said...

Hi! I'm working around the KJV Directory challenge. I'm in Georgia, so we missed the snow ~Thankfully! I've the pictures.

Maxine said...

Always love your pictures, Cathy. I especially enjoyed the blooming things. They give us hope. But nothing is quite as beautiful as snow.

Karen said...

What a treat to see your great photos. That picture of the buds covered in ice should be your next Word Filled Wednesday photo entitled HOPE! We are getting sleet and snow today in central Indiana! brrrr