Saturday, November 24, 2007

Eight Random Facts Meme

Barbara at Tidbits and Treasures has tagged me for the 8 Random Facts Meme.

Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
Write a post about your own 8 random things.
Post these rules.

At the end of your blog, tag 8 people and post their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment and tell them they're tagged.

Here are 8 random facts about me.

1. I was born before I was due on April Fools Day.
My Daddy could not convince anyone that I was born.
Finally, my Grandmother (mother's mother) believed him.
2. I am the oldest of four children and have two younger brothers and a sister.
3. I am short, only 5'3 1/2" tall. PS (after the fact) I just went for a physical and found out I am only 5'2". I must have been wearing my shoes. :o)
4. I love music and have written hymns and songs.
5. I love my little flower garden.
6. I had a real estate broker's license and sold real estate.
7. I have a BA in Education, but worked for years doing bookkeeping at my daddy's office. This helped me when my children were young.
8. I worked as a receptionist at a Christian Radio Station.

I am tagging:

1. Candy ~ At Home With Candy
2. Jodi ~ The Deputy Domain
3. Beka ~ More Love To Thee
4. Betty ~ Country Charm
5. Nancy ~ In My Neck of the Woods
6. Saija ~ Thro' a Glass Darkly
7. Deby ~ Apples of Gold
8. Anyone who wants to participate.


Jodi said...

How fun to get to know more about you! JR's granddad is an April 1st Baby, too!

Anonymous said...

to me, you're tall. i'm 5'2". :o)

Daughter of the King said... was tagged by Jamie, at musings from the heart I will answer both of you in one to think of some things...hmmmmm,,,,gave out so much information on my 100th post I have to figure out if their is anything else to reveal about me....give me a few days.

Cathy said...

Jodi, my Daddy just fussed and carried on when nobody believed him. How about that, another April 1 birthday!

haus frau, Well, you ARE a short little one. :o)

Deby, that's fine, take your time, I did.

Cathy said...

haus frau, I didn't tag you, because you are always so sweet to give us lots of information. ;o) Why don't you also do the meme? We would love it, I'm sure.

Nancy said...

Well I'll be, I will have to give my 8 meme's some thought but thanks for the tag.

Cathy said...

Nancy, I don't know if they are supposed to be facts like some I gave or what. You can look at Barbara's. She did it twice. And the person who gave it to her just gave some silly facts. :o)

Saija said...

those are cool facts to learn about you ... :o)

what i have been doing with meme's is answering them on the comments ... soooooo, here are 8 random facts about me:

1. born in finland
2. i have a sister, who isn't a sister, to my 4 sisters ...
3. christmas makes me meloncholy
4. i went up at a billy graham crusade at the age of 12
5. i only knew my husband 5 weeks before we were engaged
6. i've had over 7 accidents while driving in wintery conditions
7. i love the desert
8. i am one year short of my bachelor's in religious education .

that's pretty random i'd say! oh, i'm shorter than you are - not quite 5'2" ... :o)

blessings on your sunday!

Cathy said...

Saija, thanks for the interesting facts. :o) I have already found 2 friends shorter that I am. Goodness, be careful driving in that snow! I could be melancholy too thinking about Christmas, if I lingered on recalling past BIG Christmases we had while I was growing up. I'm glad I don't live in Canada with all that snow! I don't handle snow too well, though I did write a pretty instrumental song about snow once, when snowed in for a long time. :o)

Barbara said...

Cathy, I found out some things about you I didn't know in all the time I've known you. Neat!

Cathy said...

lol, Well, how about that, Barb! Must be some of the real facts at the end.
That is neat. :o)

Beka said...

This was fun! It's neat to know some more about you! I'm short too... just under 5'1". And I have a younger brother who is 6'3"!!

I actually did this meme a few months ago:
but that was only seven facts, so I'll give you one more:

OK, I'm coming up blank. I'll think about it and get back to you :-)

Have a lovely evening, dear friend!

Cathy said...

Goodness, dear, Beka, you're the shortest so far, though 2 others were 5'2". I'll have to check out your facts. :o) Don't worry about the eighth. Some of us omitted it. You have a blessed evening too, sweet friend.

Patricia said...

Cathy, that is so funny about your birthday.

I have always been 5'5", but in recent years, I have shrunk to 5'3 1/2". Who knows where I will end up!

Cathy said...

Patricia, actually, my poor daddy was doing a little worse than just fussing. Oh, dear, I am hearing too much about this shrinking business. Sure hope it doesn't happen to me.

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Enjoyed reading the facts about you! I'm another shorty, I used to be 5'2", but have shrunk to 5'1" now, I think. My husband is 6'2"! Yep, opposites attract!

Your blog is beautiful!


Cathy said...

Thank you, Katherine. I can't believe all the little shorties showing up! And there you go talking about the shrinking again. Ya'll look way too young for that. Maybe I'd better check my height again. I do look pretty short in some pictures. :o)