Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thank You

Sweet Blessings Rest on Thee
Sweet Blessings Rest on Thee

I want to thank Deby at Apples of Gold for the Encouraging Blogger Award. This award is supposed to be given to those who encourage us with comments.
I also don't want to have to choose from all the bloggers who encourage me. I love and appreciate all comments here. I do, however, want to give it to Mimi, who faithfully reads and comments on my blog. I realize that some of my readers don't like to accept awards. To the many of my friends with blogs, from among my favorites, who encourage me with comments, please accept this award.

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Mimi said...

Thank you so much Cathy,
it was very sweet of you go give me this award..I will try to continue to be an encourager in order to deserve it...Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

Patricia said...

Cathy, you are one of the best commenters at encouraging. This award is a most fitting one for you, and I want to thank you for your kind email to me about it. You are not only an encourager in your comments, but in all you do! May our kind and loving Lord bless you in abundance!

Nancy said...

Cathy, thank you for the kind things you say on my blog, you are for sure a very encouraging person with always inspiring things to read on your blog. Take a bow for yourself.

Cathy said...

You are welcome, Mimi. You don't have to "try" to be an encourager. I see where you encourage and pray for many people. :o) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too.

Thank you, sweet Patricia. You also deserve the award for all your caring ways. And may our Lord continue blessing you, my friend.

Nancy, you are too kind. Thank you for reading my blog and commenting. I also enjoy yours.

Maxine said...

Thanks so much for being here, Cathy! You are truly and encourager and deserve an award like this. I also count you as a friend. Love coming to visit you and I'm always happy when you come see me and say you words of encouragement. God bless and Happy Thanksgiving!

Saija said...

you have such encouraging hymns, verses and pics ... it is always a blessing to visit here!


Cathy said...

Thank you sweet friend, Maxine. I love to visit your blogs too. :o) You accept your award now, encourager. This goes for all the others too. Thanksgiving blessing, dear~

That is so sweet, Saija. And you know just how much I love your blog. Hugs right "back at ya" ~

Beka said...

Beautiful. You are most definitely an encourager-- your posts here and your comments on my blog are always such a blessing and encouragement. And thank you for sharing this award with us, too.
I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.
Much love to you!!

Cathy said...

Thank you, Beka, and you're welcome. I'm very glad to hear from you and hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. Mine was very good. Love to you ~