Friday, December 14, 2007

Another Christmas Potpourri

The Night Before Christmas by Thomas Kinkade
The Night Before Christmas

Here are some more Christmas links I'd like to share ~

Kelli at There is no place like home: Christmas Crafts ~ Homemade Gift Tags and Bags

Jodi at The Deputy Domain: Birthday Cake for Jesus Celebration

Continuous Christmas Music

Beka at More Love to Thee: All this for us Thy love hath done

Love Came Down at Christmas

Image courtesy of All Posters


Daughter of the King said...

You are so good at finding all these great links....

Mimi said...

I love your Christmas Potpourri's all the places are just wonderful

Cathy said...

Deby and Mimi, You're welcome, and thank you. :o) I'm glad you liked them. I try to pick out special things.

Jodi said...

Oh, Cathy - I came on here to comment on your Moravian post and found you'd linked to me. Thank you. I'm going to check out those music links. I saw Kelli and Beka's posts ... both wonderful!

Cathy said...

Jodi, You're welcome. I know a lot of us have seen the posts, but they were just too good not to share with others. :o)

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving sweet comments! I'm trying to get a lot of photos on by Monday for The Tour of Homes. (My computer crashed two weeks ago and I lost a lot)


Cathy said...

Katherine, You're welcome, I enjoyed the late night visit. :o) I'm sorry your computer crashed. Sure hope mine does not, though it has acted like it was going to recently. I know the Tour of Homes will be pretty.

Saija said...

i love your pics!!! this one has such a sweetness tied into it!

Cathy said...

Thank you, Saija, I love his art.

Beka said...

I forgot to say-- thank you for including a link to my place here! I appreciate it :-)

Cathy said...

Beka, you are certainly welcome. It was too beautiful not to share. :o)