Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Moravian Traditions

Home Moravian Church, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Home Moravian Church, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Due to the high interest when I posted the Moravian hymn, Jesus Makes My Heart Rejoice, I thought I would share some more information about their traditions. Here is a schedule of what's happening this 2007 Christmas season in Old Salem. You can find the Moravian stars used for decorations in the Moravian Book and Gift shop. Those are lovely expensive stars, but the one at the bottom is very popular. I used to have a paper one we had to put together. Now I believe they even sell them at Wal-Mart.
You can see some pictures from a Christmas Eve Lovefeast here.
Members bring out coffee and Moravian buns to serve to the guests.
This member is handing out candles at the end of the Lovefeast. During the service, coffee and Moravian Buns are served to enjoy while listening to the music.
Go here to listen to this precious song, Morning Star, O Cheering Sight!, sung by children, at the Christmas Eve Lovefeasts. I just found another website with the song here. It is very impressive with all the lights held high. Christmas teas are also held in Old Salem.
Easter is another season where the Easter Sunrise Service attracts thousands of visitors.

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Mimi said...

Oh thanks for reminding me of the wonderful Moravian programs at Christmas time...
I can just taste the Moravian cookies and coffee....
and the music is beautiful!!!
thanks again for the post...'

Cathy said...

Dear Mimi, you are welcome. I'm so happy you enjoyed it. I found the other music at the last minute. I can taste those Moravian buns and coffee from the Lovefeast.

I worked on it ahead of time and thought today I could not get it published. I kept trying over and over to publish it , only to discover the post beneath my other one! I had to change the date. And now my computer is acting like it's about to crash. I need memory. What a day!

Jodi said...

Cathy - Your comment to mom tickled me. I cannot tell you how many times I've thought I lost a post only to find it further down on my blog because I forgot to change the date ~ lol. :o) I read this when you told me about it and then I forgot to comment because I went a sweet trip following all your links. I even searched out a recipe for the Moravian buns. :o) I hope to try it soon - yummy! This was a lovely article and had some great links. I'm so glad you put this together ... especially for the Christmas season!

Cathy said...

Jodi, lol, I am ashamed to tell you just how long I spent trying to publish it in both IE and Firefox! I thought for sure it was broken.
I get carried away searching those Moravian links too. Thank you for the kind words. I have noticed some people are searching for that song, Morning Star, O Cheering Sight. I hope they can find it in my post. I think it is just precious, sung by the children.

Anonymous said...

I have (though somehow misplaced at present) a delightful book on Moravian Christmas ideas, published I think in the 70's.

Cathy said...

Hi, Dear, thanks for visiting. I wonder if it is a small book, I may have seen it. Will have to check out the Moravian Bookstore. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

no, it's a big 'un. have to find it before Christmas is over. dear me my office is a cyclone.

Cathy said...

lol Well, if it's a big one, surely you can find it! Mine is a cyclone too. I told my young grandson my daddy's desk used to look like this too, and he was brilliant. He knew where everything was. :o)