Sunday, December 30, 2007

A New Year

Happy New Year, Scotty Dog
Happy New Year, Scotty Dog

Annie's New Year History Page

I found this article about the New Year on my friend Barbara's website ~ The Jumping Off Place by Ruth Martin ~ Ruth's other writings are also wonderful.

Hymn ~ Another Year Is Dawining ~ Here is a precious article about the author of this hymn Frances Ridley Havergal.

A New Year Blessing

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Daughter of the King said...

Will check these out...
Happy New Years to you and yours,

Mimi said...

Hi Cathy,
love the Scotty doggie
have a very blessed and Happy New Year

Cathy said...

Deby and Mimi, Happy New Year to you and your families. I thought the little Scottie was cute. :)

Betty said...

I certainly do wish you a blessed, joyous, healthy and prosperous New Year.....a whole new slate....with no mistakes yet....isn't that a wonderful gift? God Bless...Betty

Cathy said...

Yes it is, dear Betty, Thank you, and all those wishes back to you! Blessings~

Barbara said...

Ruth is certainly a great writer, isn't she! Thanks for the link, Cathy. And may your New Year be blessed with happiness, joy and prosperity! May God grant you all your wishes.

Saija said...

wishing you the " joy of the Lord " in 2008!!!!

thank you for all the encouragement you post!

Cathy said...

Barbara, Yes, I enjoy Ruth's writings and you're welcome for the link. Thanks for the nice wishes, and I pray God gives us the desires of our hearts.

Thank you Saija, and I receive that joy of the Lord for 2008!

Blessings ~

Maxine said...

Oh my goodness, that doggy is sooooo cute!! I can't believe we had the same hymn again. We certainly are likeminded, Cathy!! Wishing you and your family a 2008 that is blessed by the Lord!!!

Cathy said...

Maxine, Yes I do believe we are "likeminded", especially when it comes to hymns. :) Thank you for the sweet wish and the same one back to you again.