Thursday, August 14, 2008

Links to share

Praise (Violin) by Christine Garner
Praise (Violin)

I found this cute video, Ape vs Tigers in Kim Komando's newsletter. I can't hear the sound, but it looks cute. I have heard her radio program late Sunday afternoons, and I recently subscribed to her newsletter. It is very informative about technical things and contains interesting videos, tips, etc.

Saija's singing in the rain

Good News ~ Jewels at Eyes of Wonder is back ~

I found this wonderful post about music, and I can't even view the videos! Something is wrong with my sound on You-Tube on blogs. They play for me at You-Tube. Strange ~
Then Sings My Soul Saturday - Downhere

Image courtesy of All Posters


Amy Wyatt said...

So glad you found me at TSMS. I hope you will join in with us each Saturday. If you love music, you will love reading everyone's post. I'm about to start a contest too, so you could win some cool music. Come back again.

Smilingsal said...

I hope your sound straightens out. That'd be a nuisance.

Barbara said...

Thanks for the links, Cathy. So glad to see Jewels back online.