Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Lord's Prayer

This is a post from a year ago. I thought it would be good for those who have not seen it, especially during these times.

Jesus Christ Praying
Jesus Christ Praying

There is a movie of The Lord's Prayer found here that I think is beautiful.

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Aliene said...

Cathy, Yes, we are in a mess if we look around us, but I especially like The Lord's Prayer. I had seen it before but just taking time to look at it again encourages me. We have just gotten back from a week in Arkansas trying to relax a little. I am just getting time to listen to some of your music. I hope to look at more in coming days. Girl, you need to get something done with the songs you have written. You are such a blessing. Is that you playing what? the organ? I love to sit down at the piano and just play. It has been my tranquilizer I guess. I played in church since I was a teen ager. Most time the piano and quite a bit the organ. I love both! Not that Iam so good. Just that most of the time there seemed to be a shortage of pianist. Since we retired and moved - we go to a IFBC church about 8 miles in the country. Run about 275-300. A good group of young people and a church that loves traditional music with parts.
I guess there must be 20 pianist.
So now I can sit and really enjoy the music. Anyway, keep up your songs and I'll look some more tomorrow. I am so glad to have come across you thru Deborah. You two are my favorite sites to look at. I will try and put up a post soon. I really have to be inspired. Hey, that rhymes with tired - which I am. Have a good day.

Cathy said...

Thank you for your sweet comment, Aliene. I have a new digital piano that plays different sounds. I think "He's My Lord" is with grand piano and strings. Yes, I try my best to play perfectly, which is very hard for me to do! I only have the music handwritten out, and chords are difficult for me to play. I am trying to get something recorded, but it is not easy.
I'll bet you play very well. I need to play more for enjoyment and work on completing more music.