Friday, October 24, 2008

Thoughts and Links

Faith in America by Donald Zolan
Faith in America

I wonder how our country can elect someone so secretive to be our President. The candidate refuses to release his birth certificate, college records and medical records. We also do not know about his relationships with many of his radical friends. To me this is very suspicious and scary.

Focus on the Family peers into future of Obama win

I could not believe how overconfident and prideful this man appears to be:
Election Night in Grant Park - Construction Begins

Mayor Daley puts $2 million city price tag for Obamafest

Palin says election result rests in God's hands

Thousands Line Up To See Sarah Palin in Southern Missouri

Before voting, please be sure you know who the real man is.

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Nancy said...

Oh I'm so in agreement of this, I have expressed some of my concerns on my blog as well..

Mari said...

You have some very interesting links here. I'm very concerned about this election as well. We need to keep praying and speaking the truth!