Friday, January 23, 2009

Welcome Home

A friend of mine with a private blog recently had many tributes to President Bush.

President Bush Welcome Home Back To Texas video
There were many pictures on this website, but I believe they have been removed.

Bush's Better World - Overlooked Successes in Foreign Policy & Security

You can leave President Bush a thank you note at MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

I almost forgot. Have you seen the new White House website? It is all about him.


Smilingsal said...

I am stubborn, and I like him!

Maxine said...

I looked at that Texas homecoming video last night and it made me feel so much better. At least he seems to be doing just fine. I worried a bit after some of that treatment on Tuesday. I sent the video to some friends today as well as the link for the thank you notes. Thanks for sending that to me yesterday. I also have been reading quite a few reports from the new White House site and the agenda of the new admin. God is taking us through a season. I hope we won't disappoint our Lord in the coming days.

Mari said...

Thanks for posting this. I sent a thank you note. Our son who is in the military has a blog and he just posted about how sorry he is to be seeing President Bush leaving and his feeling about the war. Many of our servicemen are in agreement with President Bush.