Friday, January 30, 2009

World Needs Jesus

Jesus Spreading the Word by Myung Bo
Jesus Spreading the Word

I just had to share with you what I just saw on my Direct TV, a Billy Graham TV channel. His son Franklin Graham is really working hard to share the gospel. He is even training young people to evangelize. I believe we all need to be sharing the good news and telling the world that God is our Hope. Check out these two websites.

BGEA: Our Ministries: TV Specials

Dare to Be a Daniel Training

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Cherdecor said...

I love what Franklin Graham is doing. Passing the Word along so the young people can pass it on.

lady jane said...

Excellent news about the younger Graham and what he's focusing on. :o)

The whole of the United States is such a large and needy mission field, perhaps the most difficult of mission fields.

lady jane said...

one more thing:

I recall sitting in on a conference session with Ken Ham (Creation Museum)as the speaker. He shared his (& family) reason for coming to America...

because it's a mission field.

How right he was/is.

Smilingsal said...

I'll have to come back to view this another time. I'm running late today. Of course, I agree with you that the world needs Jesus.