Friday, July 20, 2007

"Lord, You Are Merciful"

This is another little song that I wrote.

Click here for music.

Lord, You Are Merciful

Lord, you are merciful, Oh Lord God so merciful.
You are filled with tender love and compassion.
Father of mercies, Great is your faithfulness.
Great is your lovingkindness unto us.
You are so good, and your mercy endures
Forever, and ever and ever, Amen.
Lord, you are merciful, Lord so gracious.
Your love endures forever more.

Words and music by Cathy L. Simpson
© Copyright 1995 "Wordsong Collection". All Rights Reserved. International Copyright secured.


Saija said...

so full of praise! love it! :o)

you could always put your song on ... i've listened to many encouraging Christian artists on that site ...

blessings to you, and thanks for the visit!

Cathy said...

Thank you so much Saija. I want to get some music published.

I am the same Cathy who has enjoyed your beautiful blog and commented before. I have listed you among my "Favorite Places." :-)

Saija said...

i was wondering if you were "that cathy" ... nice to see a face & to have a blog to come visit! :o)