Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Rosy Girl

Last year around this time, I had to put my dear old dog Rosy to sleep, as she was suffering with cancer. She was a large part lab dog, and I miss her. I wrote this song about her.

My Rosy Girl

Your face was pretty as a rose, my Rosy girl,
Pretty as a rose.
My big black dog, my faithful friend, you blessed my life.
And though you're gone, my sweetest girl,
You'll live forever in my heart,
For memories linger all around, my Rosy girl.

The racing squirrels you loved to chase, my Rosy girl,
Leaping through the yard.
The sounds of night were your delight, on summer eves.
All chirping birds, late evening walks,
And chasing rabbits down the lane,
These were your favorite things to do, my Rosy girl.

God's gentle music you enjoyed, my Rosy girl,
Soothing all your soul.
A happy howl, such fun to you, loving to talk.
Loud thunderstorms, no fear to you,
Your brave heart calmly listened to.
Your life was happy til the end, my Rosy girl.

The music that goes with it makes it pretty.

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Peggy said...

Ohhhhhhhhh Cathy...I saved this all day as I was visiting the WFWs so I could cherish the time & memory of your dear friend, Rosy girl. What a beautiful song and I almost can hear the music (and would like to)! Each line of lyrics filled me with vivid images of this special friend of yours. I know how your heart must ache and yet you did the humane thing by not allowing her to suffer. I hate hearing that she had cancer...the poor sweet one! You captured each unique part of her life with you & Rosy lives on in the words of this song! How very special & precious!

At one time, I use to post on Thursdays with other Dog Blogs, in Dogs on Thursday! I think I kinda dropped out when they were do costumes at Halloween (not my thing at all)! But you might enjoy sharing this & visiting with them on Thurs.(the button is down on my sidebar) by Thankful Thursday.

Thank you for sharing the link to this treasure in your heart...fond memories of dear Rosy! I've seen far too many dogs go...but there are two that remain etched in my heart & mind: Champion (a wiener dog)by a car of a worker at our house and a Sheltie Tino. I held his face as they put him down, my horse had crushed his spine.