Friday, April 25, 2008

Another Meme

Deborah, at her lovely new blog, Songs From My Journey, has tagged me for a six word memoir.

The rules are:

1.Write your own six word memoir.
2.Post it on your blog, and include a visual illustration if you like.
3.Link to the person who tagged you in their post.
4.Tag five more blogs with links.
5.Remember to leave a comment on the tagged blogs inviting them to play.

I thought Deborah's memoir was excellent, and I enjoyed the pictures she posted. Some of the ladies are using words to describe themselves. However, I really liked my friend Adrienne's memoir here.

So my memoir is:

Saved by God's Gift of Jesus

I am tagging:
Saija @ Thro A Glass Darkly
Maxine @ Nanna's Reflections
Katherine @ Yellow Rose Arbor
Karen @ Let Me Walk With You Jesus
Barbara @ Tidbits and Treasures

Image courtesy of All Posters


Deborah said...

I love that Cathy!
I wrote several before I came up with the one I thought 'covered' all the important aspects of my life...Jesus/salvation being #1.
Thanks for taking part.

Saija said...

good one ...
i like it when a few words, say a whole lot!

Saija said...

ok - mines done ... :)

Cathy said...

Thanks, Deb and you're welcome. It was thought provoking and fun. :)

Alright, Saija! I'll have to hurry on over. I thought you would enjoy doing this one. :)

Cathy said...

Oh, Saija, I just love that with your lovely picture. My silly computer won't let me comment right now.