Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Finally Arriving

Three Little Triplets!

8:47PM - a little girl - 4.5lbs., 17" long
8:49PM - a big little boy 5.1lbs, 18" long
8:49PM - another little girl 4.5lbs., 16 1/2" long
I hope the mother is doing well. No report on her yet,
In the message left for me.

You may remember this post I wrote about Eagerly Awaiting Triplets.

Thank you all for your prayers.

Next day update: Keep praying dear friends. The sweet mother is having a rough time. The little girls are fine, but the little boy is fighting his oxygen.

My brother, the grandfather just called again with names, and it sounds like they are all doing better.

Mom is doing just fine and is recovering from surgery. The two little girls are breathing on their own, and one is eating on her own. I think the little boy is off the oxygen and doing better. Praise the Lord.

The two grandmothers say the babies are so sweet and look like little dolls.

I went to the hospital later this afternoon, and could not believe the mother had gone home! But I am glad, since she has been in there for so long. It is sad though that the little babies are still in the hospital. I pray that soon they will be doing well enough to go home too. :o)

Keep praying for the three little babies and their feedings, Mom and Dad. The little boy needs prayer for his breathing. They are beautiful and healthy looking. Their mother is exhausted from going to the hospital once a day. She has a lot being discussed with her about the babies, and her feet are swelling. Her mother is with her, thank goodness. One grandmother said that when the babies hear her voice, or the other grandmother's, Mom's and Dad's, they try to open one little eye to get a glimpse of them. :o) Sweet little babies know who loves them so much.

Guess what! A precious little baby girl went home with her mommy and daddy! I am so happy. The other little identical twin girl will probably follow closely behind. We will keep praying the sweet little boy will get to go soon.

Sweet little baby sister went home yesterday! The two little girls are sleeping in the same crib. The little brother is improving, breathing on his own and eating on his own. He may get to go home a week from Wednesday. Mommy and Daddy are taking a class, while the two grandmothers babysit. :o) Thank our God for answering prayers.

Baby Prayer

We welcome three tiny babies,
Into this world today.
We pray God bless them and keep them,
Safe in His hand always.

Lord give their parents wisdom,
Patience from you alone.
Let peace abide in their family,
Thanks for your gift of love.

Song by Cathy

The hymn in the next post, "Now Thank We All Our God", I prepared in advance for this occasion.

Image Courtesy of All Posters


Barbara said...

So glad to see they have arrived and in good health, Cathy.

Cathy said...

Thank you, my friend, Barb. And I really appreciate your prayers. :o)

Patricia said...

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! Please let us know how everyone is doing.

Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh, what a wonderful blessing for you and your family! Triplets! Being a twin myself, I know how fun more than one baby at a time can be! (Well, for the most part!) :)
My sister was very tiny as well- I believe she weighed in at about 4.5 lbs. as well. I however, weighed in at 6 lbs- don't think I didn't get a lot of ribbing growing up! :)
Congratulations to all and God bless!

Cathy said...

Patricia, I'm so glad you found the good news. I tried to email these posts to you last night, but it did not work! My brother called and left me a message, so I that is all I have heard so far. My niece has not emailed us with an update. She is probably quickly on her way here. :o)

Regina Clare Jane, Thank you for the nice comment. These are their first, so it will be quite a change! It is a blessing indeed for them. :o)

Beka said...

Praise the Lord! What a blessing. Keep us updated!

That is such a beautiful song you wrote for them.

Cathy said...

Thank you sweet, Beka. I haven't been to see them yet, but may go tonight. My allergies were making me cough too much. I did get a gift card to Wal-mart, which I believe they can use. :o) The little song just came to me one day. I prepared the hymn ahead of time- had to put it on another post.

Mimi said...

Congratulations to great Aunt Cathy... to mommy and to all three babies...
I pray that your little boy accepts his oxygen... and becomes stronger... And I also pray for mommy that she will be back up to snuff soon
I love the poem you wrote !!

La Tea Dah said...

How exciting that the triplets have arrived! I'm thankful they are well --- and will pray for the wee little boy, that he thrives along with his sisters. How very special ---- triplets! I'm just imagining all the fun they'll have together. God is so good!

:) LaTeaDah

Cathy said...

Mimi, thank you for your kind words. My brother just called with names, and I believe they are all better. Thank you so much for your prayers.

La Tea Dah, Thank you, it IS exciting! I do appreciate your prayers. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. :o)

Maxine said...

Oh, how wonderful! Congrats and God's blessings to all. You wrote that little song Cathy? Good job--so sweet! And I love the beautiful pictures and post for Now thank We All our God. It's a great hymn and so appropriate for the occasion. I pray that everyone continues to do well.

Cathy said...

Thank you, Maxine, for all your kind words. Yes, I write music. If you look under songs, you will see some I have written. I have not put my best ones on here yet.

Surfin Grandma said...

Cathy, what a blessing for your family! I'll keep them all in prayer, especially the little boy! please keep us posted on how they do. What a lot of excitement they must be creating for the family! Mom and Dad will need lots of prayers and support to handle these blessings that God has given them!

Cathy said...

Surfin Grandma, Your prayers are appreciated. Yes, we are all very excited. And you surely said it right in your last statement. :o)

Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh, thank goodness, Cathy! And thank you for the updates! What are their names, BTW? :)

Cathy said...

Regina Clare Jane, Thank you for praying and for checking updates. I have just been sort of changing things a little and adding info. I wish I could tell names, but I'm not sure what my family would think! Have to be careful here, you know. :o)

Candy said...

Oh wow, 3 litle babies. Awww, What a blessing. I will remember them in prayer,

Candy :)

Saija said...

that is an absolutely lovely song you wrote, Cathy!

blessings to you ...

Cathy said...

Candy, thank you for the prayers. :o)

Saija, thank you so much. The little song just came to me one day. :o) Blessings to you and Leo.

Barbara said...

Glad to hear the updated report on the triplets, Cathy. And, also that Mom is doing well.

Cathy said...

Thanks, Barb, your prayers helped.:o)

Jodi said...

What a sweet, little family. You know the babies are truly wee ones when 5 lbs. is big! ;o)

Praying mom and babies will continue to grow stronger and all will be home soon.

Cathy said...

Thanks, Jodi, for your sweet remarks and prayer. :o)

Daughter of the King said...

How wonderful.....

e-Mom said...

Congratulations! Triplets are truly a miracle of God. So pleased to meet you Cathy, and thanks for stopping by today. Blessings. e-Mom

Cathy said...

Deby, It's nice to have you visiting today. :o)

E-Mom, Thank you, and I glad you came by today. :o)